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What is a Patinated Resin


Resin sculptures are a relatively new media with which to produce a more lightweight and affordable sculpture dynamic. 

Bronze lost wax casting is one of the oldest and most beautiful art forms known to man but the process and casting is extensive and hence costly. There is nothing that compares to a bronze sculpture. However the Resin process is beautiful and enjoyable too. Read more about Bronze and bronze casting on my bronze page. 

Feather Lite™ is a heavily filled low-density urethane casting resin. Cured plastic is lightweight (it floats in water!) and has a much lower density than other casting resins.

Feather lite is my preferred resin for those type of sculptures.

The Patination process I use starts with the base paint of bronze, copper or brass metal paint. A metal filled paint that accepts various patinas in a "cold" format. Heat cannot be applied as in a traditional bronze patina process. The chemical effect of the patinas and oxides on the metal in the paint has some beautiful coloration.

Once I am pleased with a piece and it has dried then a matte sealer or laquer is used to seal the paint.

These are the basics to this process and if you have any other questions email me. Will be glad to discuss it further.



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