My rendition of a Bareback Bronc Rider ridin on the Rodeo Trail. This was my personal event when I was," goin down the road". Makin your mark is my term of the mark out rule, in bareback bronc riding. Your feet and spurs must be set over the break of the horses shoulders the first jump out of the chute, when their front hooves hit the ground! No mark out, no score. you get a "goose egg", O, no matter how well you ride after that. 

Each jump after that, during the 8 second ride, is like going to home base. Setting your feet and ready for each jump and the wild layed back spurring ride that is so spectacular in bareback bronc riding!

I liken it to life and how" Making Your Mark" is crucial to this journey and sometimes it's a "wild ride"! I Thank God and my Lord Jesus Christ for the "Marks" I have been allowed to make.  So set your feet in a solid "home base" and make your mark, then "Lay back your wedges" and make a spur ride, Cowboy!


Plan for these as a special event trophy or year end series Champions. 

makin your mark resin turq_edited.jpg

Please note that these fine art sculptures are a featherlite resin with a bronze or copper metal paint. The patinas are my own combinations of oxides and traditional patina dyes and colors. They react to the metal in the paints to bring forth some very beautiful and interesting color. The process is called a "cold patina" because heat cannot be used as in traditional bronze work.Featherlite resins are light, durable and for this process more affordable than true bronze casting, **but they must be handled with care**
** please be mindful of this in your consideration of purchasing one**
​Each individual sculpture will be unique. Similar to My original sculpture but small variations in effect from the patinas.
14"H x 14"L x 10"W

​I will be accepting requests like hat and chaps and shirt color  preferences but please e-mail me to be sure your color choice can be done in a cold patina format.   Other horse color variations coming soon

​Please allow 3 weeks delivery from ordering date

$285.00 each/ plus shipping and handling