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Dimensions: 16"H x 15"L x 7"W

Makin Your Mark.jpg



Price: $ 3,425.00

 My rendition of a Bareback Bronc Rider ridin on the Rodeo Trail. This was my personal event when I was," goin down the road". Makin your mark is my term of the mark out rule, in bareback bronc riding. Your feet and spurs must be set over the break of the horses shoulders the first jump out of the chute, when their front hooves hit the ground! No mark out, no score. you get a "goose egg", O, no matter how well you ride after that. 

Each jump after that, during the 8 second ride, is like going to home base. Setting your feet and ready for each jump and the wild layed back spurring ride that is so spectacular in bareback bronc riding!

I liken it to life and how" Making Your Mark" is crucial to this journey and sometimes it's a "wild ride"! But setting a solid "home base" to make your mark by... well," Lay back" and make a spur ride, Cowboy!

Must allow 4 months for casting and delivery.

Email me for further ordering discussion and shipping costs

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