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Bronze sculpture and weapons are some of the oldest known forms of art in existence after stone , wood, pottery and copper. Bronze being an alloy of copper and tin. The oldest known bronze artifact found to date... 4650 BC. The Bronze Age is the earliest period for which we have direct written accounts, since the advent of writing coincides with its early beginnings. An original bronze sculpture is a testament to history as well as a long term investment for generations to come.


I love and enjoy the strength and beauty of bronze to portray the images I am inspired to sculpt. Welcome to this " Wall of bronze ", Original sculptures made by me. Some pieces are presently available for purchase in limited edition investments. Others are past pieces no Longer available but show the original work and idea, part of history.


Commissions are always welcome and original pieces are still to come. Please look around and let me know what you enjoyed. Click on any of the slide show images below to get a pop up view. For details of those for sale at present go to the MORE pages for that particular piece.


Thanks and God Bless,


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